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Science of sense making and Art of visual communication

Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data, typically in the form of visual representation. Organizations apply analytics to operations data to describe, predict, and improve business performance.

We view visual analytics both an art and a science, applying statistics, computer programming and operations research, sometime simultaneously, to help our clients unearth previously unknown useful information, and communicate it clearly and efficiently via statistical graphics, plots and information graphics. We transform clients’ data into their competitive advantage.

Our Approach


Atop of technology, we approach, and encourage our clients to approach analytics in a structured way

1: Problem Formulation

Define the problem to be studied, the problem solving objective and the measure metrics. Stay focused, ignore irrelevant analytics, however enticing looking they may appear.

2: Examine Adequacy of Data

Review the existing data and find ways to use it constructively, determine if external sources are needed to solve the issue being tackled.

3: Generate Analytics

Apply the right methods to the data and extract insights based on the measure metrics identified.

4: Communicate Results

Deliver results in the best presentable format. Make sure the results be communicated with clarity, precision and efficiency, and get to the people who need them for smarter decision making.


deliver the right message, in full.



results are logical and consistent.


Levels of Detail

from broad overview to fine structure.



easily understood without context

and with a spirit of discovery

In search for answers to the problem being solved, we don’t limit ourselves in business legacy. With due respect to conventional wisdom, we encourage and convince our clients to be open to ideas that challenge their current practices.

Typical Analytics Delivered


Contributing factors to cost hike


Hidden causes of performance drop


Embedded trends or patterns


Intelligence in resource utilization


Anomaly detection

Selected Case Studies

Anchorage usage analytics for capacity planning

Vessels call at anchorages at Singapore for different purposes, in different patterns, staying for different lengths of time. A thorough understanding of anchorage usage and the usage trend is essential for MPA to monitor and plan anchorage use. With the expected increase in port calling traffic in the future, the adequacy of anchorage space to support cargo operations is also a pressing issue to tackle.

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