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Where effective crowd control is essential

Passenger Terminal Simulation (PTS) system is a tool for quickly building and experimenting dynamic and realistic crowd models for passenger terminal operations. Built in collaboration with passenger terminal operators, PTS is the first of its kind in the market that is devised by a direct industry practitioner and validated by real-life statistics and operations data.

PTS has been deployed at various ferry terminals, cruise terminals, as well as airports to visualize and validate design concepts, analyze the impact of change, compare different operations procedures, and assess resource requirement and schedule. PTS can also be at exhibition centres and casinos where effective crowd control is essential.


Why our clients like PTS


  • Comprehensive and realistic: covers the entire spectrum of passenger terminal operations, with a focus on passenger flows
  • Flexible: allows users to configure their desired terminal layouts, operations processes and operations parameters.
  • User friendly: provides an in-built library of objects for quick building of models using a simple plug-and-play method. Moreover input parameters are provided with default values that are based on actual operations data and are grouped in sets. No programming skills are required to use PTS.
  • Efficient: built on a proven proprietary simulation platform. Simulation results can be obtained in a short time period.

What our clients use PTS for


  • Feasibility study
  • Design evaluation
  • Layout optimization
  • Capacity planning
  • Operations process optimization

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