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We help ports make smarter decisions

SimPlus is a maritime technology firm founded by former lab mates out of Nanyang Technological University’s Centre for Advance Information System. We create tracking and planning software powered with real-time and predictive analytics, which we believe has the potential to transform the maritime industry and will be the key to the future of transportation optimization.

We understand that every business is unique, so we are dedicated to going the extra mile towards knowing what and why, and acting on the knowing to empower informed decision making for improved business performance.

We believe in fostering a long term relationship with our clients, assisting them in their endeavor to excel and excelling with them. We build trust that lasts.

Our Vision

We believe that in the era of big data and artificial intelligence, ports can be planned, monitored and managed in a smarter way, where every bit of information related to cargo movement can be interconnected and utilized for improved efficiency and safety.


We develop tracking and planning solutions powered with real-time and predictive analytics to enable informed decision making in port operations.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
Impossible is nothing
Move fast
Plus: always go for the extra mile

SimPlus Timeline

2001 - Exploring simulation and data mining for port operations

SimPlus co-founders worked in a research team at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, to devise a conceptual next-generation container terminal to get the port city ready for mega container ships that can carry more than 18,000 TEUs. They became the pioneers of using simulation and data mining technologies to streamline and optimize container terminal operations.

2003 - Test-bedding of simulation platform at leading ports

SimPlus team customized the simulation platform and applied it to conduct design and capacity studies for Singapore Maritime and Port Authority, Neptune Oriental Lines and Jurong Port Private Limited.

2006 - SimPlus founded at Nanyang Technological University

SimPlus officially span off, to offer their modeling and simulation capabilities to enable ports streamline their operations, thereby saving them time and money.

2006 - SimPlus received the coveted Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund

The MINT Fund is an initiative established by Maritime and Port Authority, Singapore, to build up maritime R&D capabilities and develop Singapore as an International Maritime Centre.

2007 - Cargo Terminal Simulation (CTS) was launched

PSA International and Jurong Port became the first batch of happy clients empowered to make informed decisions in their evaluation of new operations concepts, terminal layouts and green technologies.

2008 - Anchorage management system (AnchorageView) was launched

AnchorageView is an information gathering, processing and sharing system using real-time as well as projected status of vessels and anchorages. It helps busy ports to make efficient use of available anchorage space, improve logistics planning for ship owners and maritime service providers, as well as enhance navigational safety in port waters.

2009 - Passenger Terminal Simulation (PTS) was launched

PTS is a tool for quickly building and experimenting dynamic and realistic crowd models for passenger terminal operations. Built and validated in collaboration with passenger terminal operators, it is the first of its kind in the market that is devised by a direct industry practitioner and supported by real-life statistics and operations data.

2010 - SimPlus was conferred Minister's Innovation Award (Distinguished)

The annual Minister’s Innovation Award was launched by Ministry of Transportation (MOT) in 2002. The Award aims to promote innovation and creativity, and winners are selected based on the quality of their initiatives, which should demonstrate a level of innovation that contribute significantly to achieving the Ministry’s mission and goals, result in benefits to the public and industry and have proven to be cost and time-effective.

2011 - Berth Planning and Simulation (BPS) was launched

BPS is a planning system with fast forward simulation for berthing plan evaluation. It is a flexible tool which allows easy configuration of port and terminal layout, as well as operations parameters and policies. Maritime and Port Authority, Singapore became its first client, to use it for the planning of its future terminals.

2011 - SimPlus was named an Emerging Enterprise Finalist

SimPlus was selected from among over 800 contestants as one of the 15 finalists for Emerging Enterprise 2011. SimPlus has developed a clear vision and an effective business model that grew the company from a zero-income startup to a reputable solutions provider that has seen its revenue doubling every year.

2013 - Vessel Traffic Management (VTM) system was launched

VTM is a comprehensive vessel tracking and management system that allows users to monitor and manage vessel movements. The system, running on AIS data and vessel reporting systems, can be used collision alert, capacity planning and risk assessment.


Minister's Innovation Award

SimPlus is the proud recipient of the Minister’s Innovation Award (Distinguished), the highest accolade given by the Ministry of Transportation, Singapore, to recognize our achievements that have made a significant impact and resulted in considerable benefits to the transport sector

Honorable Mention by Deputy Prime Minster

SimPlus was honored to get a mention in the speech by Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Teo Chee Hean who highlighted SimPlus as an example in developing new innovations to sustain Maritime Singapore’s resilience and competitiveness in the long run.

Emerging Enterprise

SimPlus was selected an Emerging Enterprise Finalist in 2011 by The Business Times, in recognition of our excellence, resilience and stellar growth.

Honorable Mention by MPA Chief Executive

SimPlus was highlighted in speech by the Chief Executive of Singapore Maritime and Port Authority, Mr. Andrew Tan as a technology enabler for assessing the safety and efficiency of various navigation strategies.

Maritime Innovation & Technology Fund

SimPlus is an awardee of the coveted Maritime Innovation and Technology Fund from the Maritime and Port Authority, Singapore.