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Each vessel an intelligent object

Vessel Traffic Management (VTM) system is a comprehensive operating system that allows users to monitor and manage vessel movements. The system runs on AIS data and interfaces with vessel database for vessel particulars.

The extended version of VTM comes with a unique simulation engine that realistically models vessel navigation behavior in port waters, where each vessel is modeled as an intelligent object with its own configurable attributes (such as size and speed), navigating on a dynamically selected route based on its source and destination, as well as the traffic conditions. It is aware of the surrounding vessels and accordingly takes actions or responds to other vessels’ actions when necessary, complying with IMO’s COLREGS and common navigation practice under the local conditions. The simulation engine has been built with extensive involvement of master mariners and pilots, validated with live operation data, and trusted by users from port authorities, port consultants and marine project contractors. It has been applied for capacity planning and risk assessment in the busy port of Singapore, which handles more than 140,000 vessel movements per annum.

Why our clients like VTM


  • flexibility that allows easy configurations of parameters and scenarios in a streamlined process. Its content rich Graphical User Interface allows users to interact with the system in an intuitive, easy-to-use manner;
  • direct import of ENC and auto-recognition of entities, e.g. fairways and anchorages, and their properties, e.g. water depths;
  • overlay of information related to profiles of future developments onto the imported ENC, adding new facilities based on the plans, and specifying details of vessels to call there;
  • auto processing of historical movement data for generation of calling patterns, routing rules, dwell times at different locations, and vessel specifications;
  • rich tracking functionalities such as geofencing, track plotting, playback, and csv reporting;
  • configurable 3D visualization for realistic live view or projected future view of port status;
  • regular auto-backup and archive of information to prevent loss of data;
  • sophisticated post-simulation analysis and comprehensive output statistics viewer for viewing of risk indicators and efficiency indicators for different regions on maps, in graphs and in raw data format.

What our clients use VTM for


  • By port control centers to monitor vessel traffic, predict hotspots and conflicts, assess traffic management schemes;
  • By ship captains and pilots for hotspot and conflict avoidance, as well as virtual arrivals that give the expected view of traffic situation upon arrivals;
  • By marine project contractors for tracking and management of project vessels;
  • By port planners and policy makers for capacity planning and resource planning such as allocation of boarding grounds and anchorages;
  • By port consultants for Formal Safety Assessment

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