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Anchorage usage analytics for capacity planning

for Maritime and Port Authority, Singapore

The Challenge

Vessels call at anchorages at Singapore for different purposes, in different patterns, staying for different lengths of time. A thorough understanding of anchorage usage and the usage trend is essential for MPA to monitor and plan anchorage use. With the expected increase in port calling traffic in the future, the adequacy of anchorage space to support cargo operations is also a pressing issue to tackle.

The Solution

The thorough understanding of the current practices, rules and policies for anchorage use has enabled us to conduct a meaningful and reliable data analysis to establish the behaviors at anchorages by various types of vessels. We developed a robust theoretical framework that best tackles the complexity of anchorage operations in Singapore, to unearth the usage patterns and trends, determine utilization rates and space occupancy, understand the parameters that affect anchorage capacity, as well as ways to improve it.

We presented the results in rich graphical formats that are easy to grasp and form actionable insights.