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We offer a wide spectrum of services with our unique portfolio of skills in maritime domain and computing. Our simulation team helps our clients achieve operational excellence by modeling, analyzing and optimizing their business process. Our visual analytics team specializes in revealing and displaying important information that enables our clients to serve their customers more effectively and ultimately to gain a competitive advantage. We have also worked extensively with port operators, port authorities and contractors to conduct and mitigate navigation risks in marine works, under the Formal Safety Assessment framework.

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Simulation Consulting

A computer simulation is the imitation of a real-world system or process on a computer. Simulation is an efficient and cost-effective way to show and analyze the causes of problems and effects of alternative solutions.

We are the market leader in applying data driven simulations to solve cargo, passenger and vessel movement problems to help our clients enhance operations efficiency, reduce uncertainty, mitigate risks, and thereby save cost and improve profitability.

Visual Analytics

Formal Safety Assessment

Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) is a structured and systematic methodology, aimed at enhancing maritime safety, including protection of life, health, the marine environment and property. International Maritime Organization (IMO) has published “Guidelines for Formal Safety Assessment for Use in the IMO Rule-making Process” (MSC/Circ. 1023) and its revised version MSC-MEPC.2/Circ. 12.

We have an established methodology for conducting FSA that not only fully complies with the above IMO’s FSA guidelines, but incorporates necessary up-to-date techniques suitable for the local context.