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Assessing future berth performance

for Jurong Port Pte. Ltd.

The Challenge

Jurong Port is a major and thriving gateway for multi-purpose cargo in Singapore and in the region. As Singapore’s only international multi-purpose port today, Jurong Port expects to see steady growth in its general and bulk cargo volumes over the near and longer term future. It is thus important for JPPL management to ascertain whether the existing and planned berth space will be enough to cater to the projected traffic volumes.

The Solution

A simulation model emulating JPPL’s berth operations was developed using our Berth Planning System (BPS), with detailed setting on berth setup, berthing guidelines and berth pro-forma. The model was validated against the past vessel traffic and operations data. For future scenarios, Berth On Arrival rate and Berth Occupancy rate were set as the key performance indicators to assess whether the required service level could be achieved.

Recommendations were given to improve performance, and quantitatively evaluated to ensure that JPPL was adequately prepared to handling the future traffic, thus avoiding heavy congestion, high vessel sweating times, and dissatisfied customers.