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Capacity assessment for ferry terminals

for Maritime and Port Authority, Singapore

The Challenge

In 2014, the ferry terminals in Singapore handled more than 13 million trips, with a nearly equal split between regional and domestic destination. To be able to manage the expected increase in traffic while maintaining a satisfactory service level, the Maritime and Port of Singapore faced the challenge of getting a reliable demand forecast and finding cost-effective solutions to handle the passenger traffic in the long run.

The Solution

We built a passenger handling model for each of the ferry terminals at Singapore, using our Passenger Terminal Simulation (PTS) system, considering the historical productivity and its possible improvement due to advancement in technologies or re-engineering of handling process. We established the service levels under various traffic levels and passenger arrival patterns, from the perspective of the overall customer experience, and determined the capacity as well as the adequacy of the existing facilities.

Different solutions including consolidation, diversion, or reconfiguration of passenger traffic were assessed with quantification in capacity enhancement, which helped MPA find the most suitable development road-map.